Marcos M. Córdoba


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Areas of focus

Doyen of the law and political sciences faculty at the Inter-American Open University; professor of family law and succession at the University of Buenos Aires, professor at the Inter-American Open University and the university of Belgrano.
Director of the institute of family law of the public register of lawyers of Buenos Aires, he has been classified as one of the most important professors and researchers of law by the Ministry of Education in Argentina. Counsellor of the discipline court of the rolls of lawyers of Buenos Aires and author of numerous legal publications, in particular the essay relating to the Bona Fide principle in legal matters.


He also obtained the Academia Nacional de Derecho de Córdoba award; the first prize of the Maestro del Derecho established by the rolls of lawyers of Buenos Aires, Argentina and was awarded during the XXXVII International book festival.


Graduated maxima cum laude in law at the University of Buenos Aires, with a dissertation that obtained the “Prof. Eduardo Prayones” award for the best research relating to Civil Law and the “Facultad” award for the best dissertation among the various branches of law.