Bank, Financial and Stock Market Law

Our law firm provides legal counselling to banks, financial bodies/brokers and subscribers of financial instruments, borrowers and warrantors, with respect to all legal aspects relevant to different types/kinds of bank, financial, and real estate operations.

The firm has an established experience in trade-union financing procedures, real estate financing, subordinate financing, consumer credit, real and personal guarantees, transferring of credit guarantees, factoring, financial agreements, debt restructuring and renegotiation, including drafting of guarantees required for financing, restructuring operations, and renegotiations of the guarantees themselves.

The law firm also offers assistance to bank, finance, and industrial managers, throughout all necessary operations aimed at the drafting, structuring, and negotiation of financial procedures for the acquisition of industrial, commercial, financial, and insurance companies, via different techniques, such as leveraged buy-out, management buy-out, and merger leveraged buy-out.