Corporate Law

Studio Legale Tullio & Partners offers legal counselling to private and public companies, financial bodies and banks for the operations of leveraged and management buy-out, joint ventures, company associations, acquisition of private equities and venture capital as well as in any extraordinary corporate operation.
The law firm deals with all aspects of corporate law, guiding companies throughout their path, from start-up, identifying the most suitable company form, through to the quotation of the relevant shares, analysing the necessary governance assets tailored to specific needs and to the dynamics of the company itself.
Our law firm has a great deal of experience in the field of public-private partnership, having assisted various public bodies and private companies throughout these procedures.

The firm also deals with mergers, splits, take-overs also via transfer of stocks and/or shares, of companies or company branches. Our service also provides the scheduling of these procedures including all aspects associated with acquisition financing, due diligence, draft and negotiation of contracts and agreements.
We have matured a significant experience in the field of company restructuring and reorganisation, as well as in the services offered to medium-size family-owned companies during the delicate “going public” phase or during the generational passage.

This assistance is offered in complete synergy with all the other legal and professional services offered by our law firm.