Bankruptcy Law and Corporate Restructuring

The professionals at our law firm have an established experience in the field of insolvency law and out-of-court management of corporate crisis, offering complete assistance with reference to financial instability and insolvency, in light of the new Italian regulations relevant to bankruptcy and other insolvency proceedings, as well as the EU regulations associated with cross-border insolvency problems.
The firm offers complete assistance to companies: in legal proceedings against the company, its directors or boards; in the out-of-court negotiation for the settlement of disputes, in the negotiation of restructuring and debt recovery agreement also in view of the industrial recovery of companies experiencing financial crisis.
Our counselling is also directed towards clients interested in buying companies or goods during liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings of companies.
The professionals of our law firm have often been in charge of insolvency proceedings and they have taken part in the establishment of the “Centro Studi di Diritto Fallimentare” in Modena.